Latest Report from the Duncan Family

September 2016

Greetings from Vanuatu!!!!

Brrrrrr…’s cold here! June/July/August is winter time here in Vanuatu and now in September the weather is just starting to warm back up. You would be surprised to hear that we have been sleeping with warm blankets at night and occasionally wearing pants/sweatshirts in the early mornings. To be honest it’s not THAT cold (like 50 F at night) but relatively speaking it’s a huge contrast to the hot/humid weather we experience the rest of year.

Family: Our family is doing well but we are always busy. Micah and Audrey are settling in to their new International School and are developing some needed friendships. The international school is an awesome experience for them to learn about many cultures around the world. Recently, in light of the summer Olympics, the school had a “celebrate your nation” day. Among other things, they start the day with a “parade of nations” in which 33 countries were represented across a student body of about 400! It’s modeled after the opening ceremony of the Olympics. So cool! You never know how patriotic you are until you live abroad and are really missing home. I think we both were fighting back tears when our national anthem played and Micah and Audrey walked in. At the moment Adelyn is doing homeschool and although she is doing well, we are looking into having her start at the international school as well.

Food is one of the largest expenses we have here, if not the largest expense. We are a growing family of five and we are certain Micah eats the equivalent of two grown men. For this reason we try our best to buy local fruits and vegetables. Even better though is free fruits and vegetables, so we have been busy planting in our small yard. Around our house we have planted four banana trees, as well as a small garden with various vegetables that we use frequently. We are excited for the weather to warm up and give our plants a boost of energy. We also plan to purchase some chickens in the near future for eggs and meat.

Ministry: Busy, Busy, Busy! Craig teaches the first year Bible school students every Monday and Tuesday, Heather is involved with a group of women every Wednesday, and Craig fills in as needed on Thursday and Friday with the second year Bible school students. On Sunday’s we have found a bit of a rotation schedule for where we worship. 1x per month we are at the Rentabou Village Foursquare Church, 1x per month we are at Takkara Village with a small gathering of believers, and 1x per month we attend the Port Vila Foursquare Church. So Craig has been teaching/preaching on Sunday’s about 3x per month.  Between the Bible school and Sunday gatherings, it’s a lot of preparation but we wouldn’t have it any other way, that’s what we are here for. We are always grateful for the opportunity to share God’s word with anyone that will listen.

We have a very exciting story to share with you about a gift we were able to distribute at the Port Vila Foursquare Church last Sunday. We were able to give one of the most valuable gifts you could ever give to another person, the word of God! It would not have been possible without the generosity and obedient hearts of our sending church, Newberg Foursquare Church in Oregon. Please take the time to watch the short 5 minute video we put together highlighting the lives that were impacted greatly because of these gifts (link below). Our apologies in advance for the poor audio. You will likely have difficulty making out what everyone is saying. It was very windy and that disrupted a lot of the audio, valuable lesson learned.

Please enjoy some recent photos below. Thanks again for all that you do to make our ministry possible. Your prayers, your gifts, your notes of encouragement are making a huge difference here!

Blessings –Craig and Heather