He is radically blessing our church both with new people and resources. As you well know, we have outgrown our space many times over and in an effort to reach more people we have been praying about a future location. After much prayer and dialogue, we are thrilled to announce that we have decided to pursue Newberg High School for the future of our church. Our staff and leadership are excited about this move!



When will we be moving?
Our plan is to have our first Sunday at the H.S. on September 9, 2018. We want to wait until everyone is back from summer vacations and George Fox University is back in session. We want to move as a family. We’ll be promoting this as we get closer. This will be a great time to invite others to the church as well. I promise they’ll have a parking spot!

What will the gathering times be?
We plan on having two Sunday morning gatherings at 9 and 11am. Both gatherings will include kids ministry for birth through middle school.

Where will we meet at the high school?
The adult gathering will meet in at the high school performing arts center. This is where we had our Easter gatherings in 2016 & 2017. The theater is a beautiful 530 seat auditorium. For kids and youth we will have be able to use various classrooms and have access to a gymnasium 7 months out of the year.

Is this a temporary move?
We ultimately believe that one day we will build a new church (or renovate a commercial space to use for church). This move allows us to keep growing until God opens the door for a permanent location. I hesitate to put a timeframe on this but it could be 3-4 years or even longer. We have no guarantees how long we can meet at the high school, but our hope is that it is a mutually beneficial relationship. Our goal is to be a blessing to our school district! There are many ways we have thought to do this, and if you have any ideas feel free to share them.

What will we do with the current church building?
Keep using it! We use the building 7 days a week for youth ministry, a preschool, bible studies, worship practice and more. This would still be our home base for mid-week activities. We may even be able to utilize our space more effectively for spiritual growth by making more rooms for bible studies.