The Klugh’s put “boots on the ground” and found Jesus to be ahead of them and with them and they want to encourage you with it. Here’s a teaser from Dave:

“Do you ever wonder how it would be to visit a really foreign country? I mean really different from us…. What if your visit turned into a mission….? In December of 2017, we went to Tehran, Iran. The way that all came about is a story in itself! The rest of the story is about the truth of Scripture; how truth comes through to you via personal experience. It’s about the people. They’re not what you might think. It’s about missions; how they work; how we respond to the call of Jesus; how God works. It’s about culture, art and the beauty of the country and the people. But most of all, it’s about Jesus and how He is working in Persia. Did you know that Christianity is growing faster in Iran than anywhere else in the world? Come join us to hear more!”